The 2016 Camden Headteacher Conference is a month away – 23rd and 24th June

The 2016 Camden Headteacher Conference is a month away – 23rd and 24th June

The 2016 Camden Headteacher Conference is a month away – 23rd and 24th June

25 May 2016

Dear Colleagues

The 2016 Camden Headteacher Conference is a month away – 23 and 24 June.

This has been an eventful year in terms of policy and practice. The Camden Learning took the reins in September delivering its first full year programme. Meanwhile education policy has taken a determined approach on academisation and on remodelling of education funding. Anticipating this, the consultation on the creation of Camden Learning, a schools company to strengthen the partnership’s improvement work and to begin a transformation of schooling in Camden, got a strong green light from consultees in February and Council go ahead in April.

So this year’s conference planning group has focused on getting the best insights and information at the conference to enable us to understand the issues, the challenges and options, and to map out a strategy for the next three to five years to navigate choppy waters and to focus not just on improving education for all – but on delivering educational excellence for all in Camden.

We will begin with an insight into the vision at the very top with Sarah Lewis, a senior policy official who holds responsibility for the forthcoming bill – Education for All.

We will go on to review together the key challenges and most effective responses to the mainstream and SEN funding changes. And we will explore the vision and potential for Camden Learning to drive improvement further. Why is it important to form a company? what will it do? How will it be relevant to the aspirations of every school in Camden? Darren Turnpenney, interim Managing Director of Camden Learning, will lead a session introducing its business prospectus and discussing the benefits for schools in becoming members.

A theme that echoed during the consultation was that the CL should be better than the best academy chain. So we have invited Lucy Heller, C.E.O. of ARK to share what she thinks Camden Learning could take from the practices in her academy chain.

Schools in Camden remain strong and improving. The challenge is to move from good to exceptional with an improvement strategy that drives excellence at classroom and school and leadership levels. We have invited Philippa Cordingley, C.E.O. of the Centre for the Use of Research Evidence in Education to share what the best evidence and practice demonstrates we should do and to outline what have proved to be the most effective ways to lead this.

There will be phase meetings and inputs from Rob Carpenter who took his Greenwich primary school, Foxfield, from special measures to outstanding in 14 months and Gary Philips, Head at Lilian Baylis Technology School in Lambeth, on their recent school journeys. Before dinner on Thursday a legend in the education field, Professor Charles Desforges, will take a lighter look at how we can maximise learning in the current landscape – with some insightful and useful challenges thrown in. Sarah Hayward, Leader of the Council will also address the conference.

Educational Excellence for all in Camden: Conference summary


Sarah Lewis, Senior Policy Official: The forthcoming Bill ‘Education for All - What would the DfE like the school system in Camden to look like by 2020 and why?

Darren Turnpenney, Interim Managing Director of Camden Learning and members of the CL management and governance boards: Why Camden Learning will be relevant to the aspirations of every school in Camden and what the benefits will be for schools in joining the company

Lucy Heller, C.E.O. ARK Schools. What ideas could ‘Camden Learning’ take from a multi academy trust?

Emeritus Professor Charles Desforges, Exeter: How should Camden Schools best maximise learning and aim for excellence in the current landscape?

Councillor Sarah Hayward, Leader of Camden Council: Annual Headteachers address


Philippa Cordingley, C.E.O. Centre for the Use of Research Evidence in Education (CUREE):What the best current evidence shows about how to get from good to exceptional, and how to lead that journey.

Rob Carpenter, Headteacher of Foxfield and Gary Philips, Principal of Lilian Baylis Technology Schoolreflections on their improvement journeys.

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Camden Headteacher 2016 Conference planning group

Vijita Patel, Jacques Szemalikowski, John Hayes, Blair Thomson, Pete Dudley, Jean Lang and Sarah Sedley


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