Litre of Light Pavillion - Invitation to Camden Schools from Lumiere London

Litre of Light Pavillion - Invitation to Camden Schools from Lumiere London

17 Nov 2015

Are you a primary school and do your students want to get involved in building the ‘Litre of Light’ pavilion?

This is an installation that will be part of the largest light festival ever seen in London, taking place in January 2016.

Artist and designer Mick Stephenson is looking for students from schools across North London to help him create the ‘Litre of Light’ installation that will be located from the 14th - 17th January in the main crossing at the entrance to Central St Martins art college as part of ‘Lumiere London’.

‘Lumiere London' is expecting hundreds of thousands of visitors over the 4 nights and this is an amazing opportunity to collaborate with a fantastic artist to make a key piece for the festival. ‘Litre of Light’ will be installed alongside world renowned artists’ work from across the globe as part of this spectacular light festival. ‘Litre of Light’ is a participatory project that was inspired by the ‘myshelter foundation’ that first discovered this ingenious way to light peoples homes without any access to electricity in villages in the Philippines. The idea is replicable, scaleable and uses materials that are sourced from local communities.

The Idea

What do you get with sunshine and an old plastic bottle filled with water and chlorine? - a 55-watt solar bulb that refracts sunlight! It’s powerful enough to light up a home but more than that it’s environmentally friendly, inexpensive, and easy to make. The Litre of Light campaign began in the Philippines with one bottle light. Eventually, the movement grew to brighten up 28,000 homes and the lives of 70,000 people in Metro Manila alone. Now ‘Litre of Light’ is present in India, Indonesia, and a growing number of countries around the world.

‘The Litre of Light Pavilion’ will be specifically created as part of a collaboration between Central St Martin’s students, Mick Stephenson and schools from across London as an installation at Lumiere London in January 2016!

Lumiere London are looking to run 30 workshops across schools in North London between November 2015 and January 2016. Each workshop will be 2 hours long (the length of workshop is flexible) and will work with up to 30 students of primary school age at a time. As part of the workshops, each child will learn about the way the bottles work and be told about the process of creating sustainable light, they will then each decorate an empty bottle that will be installed in, and provide light to the installation, at the festival in January.

Please note the children will not come into contact with any of the chemicals - these will be added later.

The students will learn about sustainability, climate change, the science of light and of course the challenges faced by people living in adverse climates and conditions around the world. It will be a science, geography, history and art lesson all rolled into one.

Lumiere London are now programming sessions with schools and would like to invite you to take part in this very exciting project! We have had a number of Camden schools take up this offer (see attached), but there are still places available for the workshops.
If you are interested in taking part please contact the Engagement and Participation Producer for Lumiere London, Henrietta Norton,, who will be able to make arrangements with you directly.


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